OEM Print Engines

The Automatic Print/Apply System Solution

As the world's largest supplier of OEM print engines, SATO continues to manufacture print engines that set the standard of operation for the print/apply industry. Designed especially for integration to with the markets' most reliable print/apply systems, each engine provides reliable performance day in day out for the most demanding, high duty-cycle applications around the world globally. When reliability and performance are a must, ask for a SATO OEM print engine from your print & apply vendor.


  S84-ex / S86-ex 
High Volume

S84 Series OEM Print Engines from SATO are specifically designed for use in high-volume, automated print/apply labeling applications demanding unparalleled reliability and around the clock operation. S84 Series
High Volume
M8459Se Direct Thermal OEM Print Engine is based on the M8400S model and is a more cost effective alternative for your print and apply applications. M8459Se
Direct Thermal
M8460Se Wide Web Print Engine is ideal for pallet labeling and printing compliance labels M8460Se
Wide Web
M8465Se | Wide Web/High-Resolution Print Engine is ideal for pallet labeling and printing compliance labels. M8465Se
Wide Web/ High Resolution
M8485Se is the industry's first "Plug and Play" printer capable of full high-speed bi-directional communications. Includes a large amount of on-board memory. M8485Se
M8490Se is a high-speed and performance automatic label applicator system that is ideal for a range of barcode label applications. M8490Se
High Resolution