CL4NX / CL6NX Application-Enabled Printing (AEP) 

SATO's Application-Enabled-Printing (AEP) Technology solves business problems with a FLEXIBLE and COST-EFFECTIVE option of printing labels and tags. 

Embedded within the printer, this next generation of smart printing allows the NX Series to be used as a standalone printing solution eliminating the need for costly computers.

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  • Reduce costs
    • Printer operates without a PC thus reducing the up-front investment and running costs.
  • Save space
    • Less space is required by eliminating the computer from the workplace
  • Simple & improve productivity
    • Improve productivity with simple to use applications and less operator training
  • Focus on Printing
    • Controlled AEP applications can limit unauthorized use keeping the printer operating with less interruption

Achieve additional data input by connecting peripheral devices such as barcode scanner, numeric keypad
and full-sized keyboard to printer or using printer keys.

  • Print labels in FIXED FORMAT

  •  Print labels in VARIABLE FORMATS

  • QUERY DATABASE to print labels

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